WorkPro‘s LightShark LS-1 has the power of the LightShark engine combined with a complete hardware surface.

With 4 encoders, 10 master playbacks and a color built-in display, combined with a complete set of RGB buttons, the LS-1 gives the user a full console platform able to manage incredible shows in a very reduced size, which is compatible with airplane carry-on luggage.

The LS-1 also includes a built-in stand to hold a device like a tablet on the back of the LS-1, and an extra dedicated USB charging socket on the rear panel to keep associated tablets or Smartphones charged at all times.

With all this and more the LS-1 has been nominated for an InAVation Award in Control and Management!

The InAVation Awards have been discovering the very best in AV technology for over twelve years. Having the WorkPro LS-1 as a finalist in this competition is nothing short of an honor.

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