VNET2 Connection Interface for AES3

The VNET2-AES is a rack-mountable break in interface for connecting an AES3 source to the VNET network with the minimum of complication. The interface allows the facility of transporting 2 channels (one AES3 stream) of high quality uncompressed digital audio on the same cable as the control network. Capable of driving up to a 600 m (1,968 feet) network, VNET2-AES interface should be used in conjunction with a USB-232 or Ethernet Interface, providing the PC user with complete control, tuning, and diagnostics for all devices in the network. Like VNET and other similar networks, VNET2 uses Cat5 cabling without requiring any other network equipment such as hubs.The rugged steel enclosure and Ethercon connectors ensure the VNET2-AES interface will provide a long lifetime of reliable service.