Stiletto™ Z3 fixtures are our high-in-quality, low-in-price moving heads that come packed with 3x 15W ultra-bright 4-In-1 RGBW LEDs with incredible motorized linear zoom. Stiletto™ Z3 are ready to take a stab at becoming the new crowd favorite at your next show! With fast pan/tilt motors, razor-sharp optics, ultra-smooth 16-bit dimming, and a narrow to wide 6.5°-60° zoomable beam angle, these fixtures put on a high-energy lighting display of brightly colored moving beams.

Users can access Stiletto™ Z3’s settings by way of its 4-button LED control panel, which offers total control of every available feature, including reversible pan/tilt, user-selectable fast or slow auto modes, sound active mode, mic sensitivity, individual RGBW color balance settings, motor reset, and factory reset. On the back side of Stiletto™ Z3 fixtures, you’ll find a single industry standard powerCON® compatible input connector and 3-pin DMX In/Out jacks.