Rapid advancement of LED technology has allowed the development the new RokSpot™ RGBW, a magnificent yet affordable LED pinspot fixture with a super-sharp 8° beam angle. This small beauty is powered by a single, brilliantly bright 15W state of the art 4-in-1 RGBW OSRAM LED. Solid, yet sleek in appearance, the cast aluminum housing of the RokSpot™ RGBW helps dissipate any heat, and it features a timeless, straight forward design that will never go out of style.

The RokSpot™ RGBW puts out an impressive, intense beam of light and features 3/4/5 or 9 user selectable DMX channel modes. Users have full control of all that the RokSpot™ RGBW has to offer, such as RGBW color mixing, 30 built-in programs, ultra smooth flicker-free 32-bit dimming (5 user-selectable dimming curves), and even simple HSV color mixing ability in 3-channel mode. The easy to use built-in 4-button LED control panel also allows total control over the fixture, including master/slave settings, sound active mode, built-in programs, auto mode, custom color mixing, and user adjustable fade/strobe effects.